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Russia trip!

Never expected that I will be able to visit Russia at all!
I mean, yes this is on my "places to see before I die" wish list but I really - really not been thinking I'll be able to go there. I don't think I was even thinking clearly when I booked the plane ticket, lol.
The trip was really really unprepared. The job was hectic, so does the college thingy with that one issue that has not yet been finished until the moment this post were written. So up until the hours my flight took off, I wasn't do much thinking for this trip, and we travel in flashpacker style with no pre-arranged tour.

So, this Russia trip were really-really unexpected. It started off with one of my friend finding a travel agent that is promoting the trip to russia wth a very cheap price. It took a while for us to decide to join, but the moment we decided to follow, the place was full.
Hence, we bought our own ticket and decides to travel by ourselves. Crazy, I know.

I know nothing about this country aside than those I've read in books, and I know nothing about the tourism.
The moment I stepped my feet on the country what I honestly feel was only : sleepy, and afraid. Sleepy since, as usual, no sleep on the plane for me. A bit afraid and tensed cames from looking at the cyrillic letters, the snow, the massive buildings and distances, and how non-asian the people were. Hey, I never went outside of Asia before, so seeing so many big caucasian confuses me a bit since I suddenly becomes in the "short people" category. I'm not intending on buliding a stereotype about the people, but they were truly big, walks fast, and strong. Bumping into people there will be resulting in me thrown away while the other party won't feel a thing. To summarize,  what I felt was: short and weak.

Domododevo Airport

But in the end I will say I love this country. (Please bear with me my story will be a bit long ^^ )

I've visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, both city were on my wish list  (apparently I do have a list, which I've just remembered now)
To imply desribe it let me use a comparison. If I can compare the city, Moscow would be Tokyo, while St. Petersburg is Kyoto. Those who have been to Japan may recognize the stark yet subtle difference between the two cities.
Moscow is the current capital. The city is huge and practical. It also has the Kremlin and the famous red square.
St. Petersburg is the old capital. The city is so beautiful with amazing churches and historical areas (Didnt manage to visit Peterhof and Pushkin unfortunately). Hermitage is a must see place. For those who are into art and history, you could stay two days on this place an it still wont be enough.
And the cathedrals is gorgeous! seeing the people that come and making solemn prayer is such a beautiful view and caused beautiful feeling, and I'm not even a christian. I really think there are some kind of special vibe that is created on prayer houses, the Vihara, the temples, churces, and of course the mosques. I got the same eerie yet beautiful feeling hearing the monks' prayer in Bagan temples with a lady kissing a relic on Cathedral of Christ the savior in Moscow.

Now, let us speak about the snow.
Rusian winter is famous for being able to defeat even Napoleon's army. What can a puny little asian like me do to survive then?
Use 4 set of layering clothes and never stop moving does the trick. The lowest temperature is -11 C (feels like) during my stay. I can't feel my face, my feet felt like a brick, and all those layering adds maybe 3-4 kg so I walked like a moving tanker. No wonder the people there were so strong.
Look! Snow!

Will soon return to finish the story.

World’s Luxury: Joy, Health, Time

Hello there

Why didn’t I write again lately? Maybe because I spurt more bullshit in my regular daily life so I don’t have any energy left to write. Lol

So, what’s been going on?

I’m into a certain study lately, yes it’s so weird and sudden, but I don’t have time to explain it since it will take hundreds of posts just to describe what’s been going on. And I don’t have that luxury. Time

So… What is time? I wanted to quote the story of some Greek God who controls time but I really couldn’t remember his name. Is it Kronos? But he’s a Titan, not a God. Or maybe I’ve read too much of Percy Jackson so my view about all this Greek God thingy’s a bit blurred. Who’s Percy Jackson? He’s the main character of a book titled after his name written by Rick Riordan. The book’s awesome, you should really read it if you’re into mythologies. It’s a young adult book so even lazy girl like me could read it fastly.
no title

Anyway, time is a very luxurious thing. Just realized it since all of a sudden I’ve been contemplating: where have my time go? Why didn’t I start this sooner? Or why hadn’t I accomplished that?

Well, of course there’s answer for those question, I’ve been around, enjoying live. One thing I must hold back now. Though, one cannot stop a habit. I missed my friends, I missed random chit chat, I missed all those drama my restless mind creates (well, not really), I missed fandoming, and I really hope I won’t missed living.

However, my health’s been better now, in terms of not down at home and couldn’t awake at all due to various illness (mostly flu, monthly flu >__<) though am constantly feeling tired all the time. Maybe by just not idly letting time went my body accommodates it by working harder. Or maybe it’s because I ate like a pig, so all those viruses and diseases won’t come, heheh. Or maybe that Flu shot I get last year? Oh no. I missed to take it this year

So, that’s it for me and my random mind. Signing in for a glimpse, telling the world I’m still writing, though very random and meaningless.

Signing out again, bubye

Chasing the Running Man

You must know how I love this variety show right?

Earlier this month they come to Jakarta, Indonesia!. Yup, the city where I was at.
Actually they are reported to be coming to Jakarta only to participate on the shooting of Asia Dream Cup. An annual soccer match organized by the once best Korean soccer player ever Park Ji Sung. And as usual, some of the running man will be playing. Of course they are not a professional, so the show itself will be mentioned as sportstainment or something like that.

On the day of their arrival several friends of mine is back to her old habit: chasing her idol to the airport! lol. And thus I was tempted, I want to see them just for a little bit, for I know it is almost impossible to meet them on the stadium. Thus I went to the airport.

Which turns out to be a disaster. lol
The plane is delayed and the awaiting fans is actually unorganized.
Well, there's actually some people I thought were organizing the fans, since they are making lines and scolding people to not push each other, etc. It turns out to be they are just some normal group of fanclub, but those scoldings made you think they are important person theirselves (yes, I bear grudge :p). However, the info of delay is not relayed for those who are waiting far outside the airport. I spent almost 1.5 hour waiting in those fictitious line until I gave up. I went up and buy myself some snacks and actually just wandering around. That's when I see some group of people running to a bus with Asian Dream Cup logo on it. Out of reflex I follow the chasers, it turns out to be that I'm late. Those person whoever that is is already entering the bus (it happens to be Park Jisung I was told). Thus I went back to the queuing are and start to wandering around again. Thus I see people running again to where I just came (and missed to see Park Jisung) screaming "Oh my God, its Lee Gwang Soo!". It's a long way run I did on the first time, I can't see anything and didn't understand why that person is screaming that name, so I just walked leisurely. I stood, tiredly, next to some big bird buses and saw some Korean walking to the bus, by their own, and no body guard. Thus I think I saw some familiar faces on running man, presumably Kim Jong Kook's manager, and taking his picture. He just looked at me confusedly, since maybe I have the same confused look as him, heheh.
The (disappointed) crowd
Result of wondering around
Kim Jong Kook's manager(?). I'm not sure but this guy looked like him

By then I heard some groups of hysterical people come from the far side of the airport. Within their sobs I heard that the running man members just depart the airport by some cars.
And those hundreds of people still queuing on other side of the building, waiting for almost 3 hours. I think I see those people I used to thought as the organizer within the crying groups. Boy I was mad and tired. They come out secretly from the building I understand, since the plane is delayed and they need to do some interviews on the stadium. Maybe I am just that tired and failed to see them just disappoint me I guess.

However, my luck is actually better than my friends. Since they actually arrived earlier than me and didn't even know that the running man already left long after me. One of my friend is even more furious since her husband who is dutifully just wandering around the airport, not knowing what the heck his wife is doing, actually saw Haha and Lee Gwang Soo entering the van (^ ^"). When he saw their pictures he just said: "Oh, them, I stood next to the white van when they enter it"

Therefore, I hereby stating that I will prevent myself from chasing after idols or artists, or something like that on the airport anymore, I'm just not made for it. Hwahah..

lady storm

I've just returned from a 2 day getaway to kepulauan seribu, pulau tidung to be exact,several days ago precisely. Its a nice island just around 3 hours from jakarta. Theres a group of us and we just do snorkeling, some water sport, and basically just enjoying the view.

However, during the night theres a storm coming, which somehow i didnt realize since i am that tired i slept so well. Which made me realize... why do every time i go travel theres some sort of disaster happening? Lol

Lets do a recap then
* Japan, july 2011. Tsunami and nuclear breakdown on march. During the flight theres a typhoon slowly moving from japan to the philippines. The shakiest 5 hours of my life, for its constant turbulence along the way
* bali, oct 2011. Clear sky all the way
* Cicatih river, jan 2012. Heavy rain
* singapore, march 2012. Excellent weather
* sawarna, around april 2012. Normal
* hongkong, june 2012. Clear sky
* bromo, march 2013. Heavy rain all of a sudden, and terrible fog
* bangkok, aug 3013. Pretty normal
* japan, oct 2013. Another typhoon. Lol
* hongkong,feb 2014. Extreme weather, its abnormally freezing and terrible fog
* penang, april 2014. Sudden storm on jakarta while waiting for the plane to depart
* tidung, may 2014. Sudden storm.

Hey! My records werent that bad. Only 7 out of 12. Lol

the lovely penang - Georgetown (2)

One of the things I love the most about this historic city is the street art. Ther's a bunch of mural paintings spread all over the city. There's also a lot bunch of wired art with various themes and designs also all over the city. We made this mural and wire art hunting an activity there, and it's fun! ^^

the lovely Penang - the introduction (1)

It all begins when i have this sudden urge to get away from my daily life, so out of my temporary madness i book a short trip ticket to whatever place i can reach, preferably not the one i've been visiting before. Thus i book the roundtrip ticket to... Penang. Why I choose this place?
1. It's near
2. Many moslems there. Yes i know it's a bit too shallow but this little moslem girl has never travel this far alone ever before, it'll be quite easier to be where people wont stare at me like i'm some sort of alien :D
3. The ticket to other places is just too bloody expensive
4. Domestic travel is quite scary. It's shameful for me to write this but i feel more confidence on travelling solo not in my own country. Blast those horrible news whatever media reporting at. And.. there's this need to be apart from whatever i'm familiar with. Including my own mother tongue

So, the flight is booked. My first sudden solo adventure within 1 week. Yeay. Hostel? Check. Itinerary? Let the time decide. Mwahahah. But, suddenly a friend out of nowhere  contacting me just before the flight asking for my plan this long weekend. There's a saying in Indonesian: "manusia cuma bisa berencana tapi Tuhan yang menentukan". This solo adventure thingy? Failed big time, i suddenly get 2 additional journey companion, both having the same urge for adventure as i am.

So... i arrive there at night and find the rapid Penang bus 401E to my hostel which is located around Lebuh Chulia, a famous backpacker hostel area in Georgetown, Penang. All i know about Georgetown is that was a UNESCO heritage site located in Penang. So maybe there will be many old buildings. The 401E bus costa 2.70 ringgit only from airport to jetty, the final stop of many buses on Georgetown. It took around 1 hour drive by bus, while the taxi will took only around 30 minutes but the cost it is said to be around 40 ringgit, yikes. It was around 10.30 pm when i arrive at the hostel at Lebuh Queen, a small road that can be reached through Lebuh Chulia. And since Malaysia time is an hour earlier than Jakarta, it's actually still dinner time, the hostel guy kindly direct me to the street hawker at Lebuh Chulia which is only around 5 minutes walk. Have i told you i am attracted to Penang also due to the famous food and street hawker? The food is among the best trait of this city. However on that first night at Lebuh Chulia my adventurous side has not yet awaken, thus i only buy a chicken satay for 7 ringgit, and a juice for 2.2 ringgit. The street hawker is located in the middle of Lebuh Chulia that is actually a very long road. The location is right in front of a backpacker hostel called of d-mo inn, no wonder this hostel got so many good reviews, however i am thankful i didn't choose this hostel since i prefer a more quiet environment.

The next morning i went to Penang hill and Kek Lok Si temple. It took also around 1 hour from the jetty to Kek Lok Si temple, and only around 5-10 minutes from Kek Lok Si to Penang Hill. Kek Lok Si is said to be the biggest temple site on south east asia. Yes it is big, and uphill, and very beautiful. It's a buddhist temple with a massive statue of Kuan In goddess on the top of the hill. It also consists of many buildings and pagoda. I actually went to Penang Hill before this temple, so this place is kinda drains my energy. The temperature is a bit cooler than jakarta i guess but all those stairs.... But, rest assured, this temple is very worth the climb, color wise, it is the most beautiful Buddhist temple i ever see.

view before the climb
what you see in the middle of the climb

the pretty garden in one of the building (can't remember the look for the name, too busy catching my breath and admiring the flowers)

The massive statue on the top. Located 10 storey from the last building, could be reached with a lift, costs 6 ringgit roundways

While about Penang hill, i can only say that you should go there if you want to see Penang from the highest place in the island. It cost 30 ringgit to ride the train round ways, it's a bit similar to the peak tram in Hongkong actually but with a shorter queuing time. There was some buildings on the top, cafes, a Hindu temple, a mosque, and several other sites. The place is well managed.
The railroad, taken from the upper station

View from the top
Oops... there's my flight.. i'll continue this story back home and will add some pictures.
See ya!

arrived safely at Jakarta, done with the pictures ^^

Places to see before I die

Have a chit chat on one of my whatsapp group, and somebody is uttering a simple question: Where do you actually wanted to go?

Well.. Heaven of course. But that's another story

On this earth, the places I really wanted to see usually comes from something I've read some times in the past.
1. London
2. Moscow
3. St. Petersburg. Oh wait, is it still called st. petersburg now?
4. Rome
5. Greece... Dunno which city yet, Athens?
6. Turkey's Istanbul, Cappadocia, etc
7. New Zealand, that place where they shoot Lord of The Rings' Hobbiton
8. Hokkaido

These places were the names popped in my head for the question, places to see before I die. I'm pretty sure there are still many places I'm dying to see, but it would take some time to sort it out since there's too many of then, I'm just that greedy, lol

And now..... to find the fund we shall go

Japan Trip 2013 - sleeping in the airport

I did it!
Just returned from my another short Japan trip which due solely on the motivation to see one particular Museum in Japan. I'll tell you about this museum later ^^
Day one is the day of the flight to Japan. This time I also went with 1 friend, and apparently we have one thing in common, the unpreparedness.. Lol. Maybe my motto this time is just come there and do it, since I don't print any maps or whatsoever. We just brings our necessary documents, a rough itinerary, and just.... go to Japan. And I am still enjoying it. Haha. Actually maybe this kind of trip could not be applied for most people ^_^", since so far most of my travelling partner are the well prepared kind of traveler.

We depart from Jakarta at around 8 in the morning. Already using my new boots back then, and find that there are many people here glaring. Yeah, Jakarta is still hot at that time, but I'd rather use the boots than pushing it to my not so well filled luggage. Transit in Malaysia for around 3 hours, and off we go to Osaka's Kansai Airport. A bit confused about the time changing while on the plane because the flights feels like forever, heheh. I have this silly habit of not being able to sleep in the plane, so every long haul flights is kind of a torture for me. There's this one solution of using the antimo (the anti seasick medicine), but the pill makes me stupid for an unknown duration since my body and soul is forced to sleep. So, I didn't drink the damned pill but I'm not worried, I brought my stock of Running Man new episode and some e-book. I arrived at Osaka's Kansai airport at around 11 PM. We managed to pass the imigration at around 11.30, and Youkoso Osaka!

But no. My most beloved black pashmina is missing. Silly me forget to bring it out from the plane. Or maybe I drop it somewhere on the garbarata (that long bridge connects the plane to the airport). And that is where we first feel Japanese standard of hospitality. We've passed the immigration check and just finished collecting our baggage when I ask for an officer of the whereabouts of Lost and Found. He then promptly pointing me towards another officer in the corner of the room. I've tried to explain to the new officer about my pashmina. The guy keep switching from English to Japanese to me since we are both not the brightest person in both of those two languages, and when he kind of understand what I mean he calls to another officer to check the plane. After several minutes he apologizes that the pashmina is missing in action. I appreciate his effort though.

What amazes me is the previous officer whom I ask about the lost and found is still there and waiting me whether I found my lost item. He looks very much concerede while it is not his duty at all. I am touched, really

Afterwards we went to find a sleeping spot in the airport. We wandered around for a bit and decided to find the convenient store in the 2nd floor called Lawson, since it is said to be opened for 24 hours and people could sleep around there. There's this small office really near from the Lawson where people apparently could borrow a blanket. The blanket is very thick, maybe it's also used for the people to sleep in the airport on winter. And we are not the only person to do so, there are many people scattered everywhere on their own set of chairs. The chairs is very comfy, maybe as comfy as my sofa back home. We decided to sleep near to the escalator since the area near Lawson is already fully occupied. There's this European guy taking the sofa near ours and he's using the wifi to do skype, since he's been talking non stop for several hours. Not in a loud voice though, so it actually isn't a bother at all, without his slow voice the airport is very silent.

Around 15 minutes after claiming our chairs, a pair of police is coming our way. The girl police started a conversation, asking what are we doing, where are we going, when is our flight, etc. But she asks it in a very friendly manner, she seems so genuinely interested in us as a tourist, instead of only doing her late night job. The other officer is a guy, but he doesn't talk much and just supporting the girl's conversation. Both is very polite and friendly. After recording our passport number, they come to the European behind us (he uses English with a dialect, German I guess, but his English is perfect), and seeing that the guy is actually on a conversation the policemen is very much apologizing and asking him to continue his conversation. That very polite way makes the guy feels bad and cut his conversation voluntarily, and so he answers the polices questions. The European even showed the one he's skype-ing with (I guess it's his son) to the policewoman and she chatted a bit with the boy. We are amazed, really. The police have right to be strict and demand the visitor's full attention, but no, their friendly and polite way makes us feel comfortable and relaxed and fun.

As the European said to the kid: "Everyone is very polite and smiling here. This is a smiling airport"

We tried to sleep then, but sleeping is not my talent, so I finally take the antimo, and fainted for around 2 - 3 hours. After 4AM the people is already coming, maybe those with an early flight so it's kind hard for us to sleep since there's already so many people walking around our chair.  The temperature during the night is around 20 celcius degree, not too hot, nor too cold, so the blanket is actually made us overheated. Since the blanket must be returned on 6 AM, we finally awake and drag our sleepy body to the information center. Most of the sleeping guests is already awaken by then.

The last time I bathed is on Jakarta, so I went to this airport lounge to take a shower and prepared my self with several hundred yen. It's supposed to be 500 yen for a 10 minute shower. However, there is so many people thinking the same thing as I do so I ended up being the number 11 on the waiting list. Which means I could only bath at around 8 AM. Again, the officer is apologizing to me. The arrogance level of these airport officers is near to zero! Maybe it is their SOP of not making their guests feels disappointed. I decided only to freshen up my self in the nearby toilet. The toilet is great. It has Japan standard washlet: a bidet, a flushing sound, a stop button, and an oshiri washer, the one to clean your butt or so. It also have a baby holder and  small plate for changing clothes. The plate is to be stepped in when we change our clothes so the falling clothes would not touch the toilet floor. Outside the toilet there's this make up room consists of many mirrors and some washtafel. The toilet is very comfortable, but yet I found another better toilet on returning flight. There's so many toilets in these 4 storey airport. And there's also several 24 hours restaurant that is opened such as McDonalds and Sukiya. We finished brushing up at around 8 and all the other restaurants is already opened. Lots of variety of Japenese dish, yummy.. But we ended up with the ever reliable Sukiya, heheh.

We went off from the airport to the JR office outside the airport, apparently the place we are sleeping is on the 2nd floor of the Terminal 1. Stepping outside the airport and we feel the chill, the air is actually much colder outside, so we've been relying on the heater during our night stay. The JR office is kind of crowded, it took around an hour to exchange our JR pass voucher with the actual JR pass. The process is very simple, it's just there's so many people queuing.

And so we get our JR pass.. then Off we go..... to the beautiful Kyoto ....


New obsession: Leessang

Acquiring a new obsession always equals to opening a new world for me. Just like the last time with that old scottish rocker, what I do is start to listen to some random old school rock songs, now I started to listening to... hiphop.. Korean hiphop to be exact. *shy*

One random obsession leads to another. On my previous post I wrote about this guy who appears on a Korean variety show: Running Man. Kang Gary is the name. And I need to re-mention that he's not handsome by most regular standard... Bald, tan, square faced, a face that regularly shows no expression at all. But he catches the audiences' heart (including meee) by his out of nowhere jokes, cheesy flirty lines, and his random commander mode, which is the mode where he's suddenly physically capable of doing any task given to him. I just rewatched an episode where he ate a super spicy food with no expression at all, while the other cast is already screaming and having a small seizure due to the spiciness. Well, that's maybe not a good example, but this just shows that his talent is very random. And he's good with words! He always flirts with his on-screen couple (Korea variety shows regularly does that, almost none of them is a couple in real life) with an excessively romantic poetic words said with such a comedic timing with no expression and brings laughter to the audience. It took some time for me to realize that his words is actually beautiful.

Just like that, I started to search for his background. I've heard that he's actually a rapper and lyricist from one of Korea's top hiphop duo called Leessang. There's only two of their songs that catches my ears called "Ballerino" and "The girl who can't break up, the boy who can't let go". Gotta admit that I know both song just because the title is so catchy, lol. And what do I know about hiphop? I know only the popular song just because it is popular, and none of it was in Korean. I love the music of Balerino and The girl who can't break up, and admires the vocalist's sound. The main vocalist is Gil, Gary's other half. They kind of split their jobs based on what they do best, Gil on the music and vocal, while Gary does the rap and lyric. Gary's rap is... unique.. His beat is kind of weird, and not like most of the hip hop artists, he seems quite off tempo. The more I listen to it, the more I accept that it's just his style of rapping offbeat. His rap is so melodious you can't categorize it as the mainstream rapping, and its nowhere near singing. More like he's mumbling his words just the way he wanted it to, like he's telling some sort of story. This group's music.. confuses me. So I started listening to more songs..

LeeSSang (Feat. Eugene(유진) - Tears(눈물)

Oh, and most of their songs is featuring another artist, it could be singer and/or rapper. Though many of their songs featuring artist is Jung In. I love her voice, it's so soulful and mix perfectly with the other two guys' voice. While in many cases the refrain is sung by the featuring artist, you will never mistaken any of the songs as other than Leessang's. They have this certain gloomy tone whatever kind of music they creates. The song "Clown"is one of the example. The featuring artist is Ali, she brings out a different vibe that suits the song well

Leessang (feat Ali) - Clown (광대)

Without understanding any single word they said, I am already captivated by the tone, but that's when I read that the strength of the music lies not only in the tone but also in the lyrics... People could be drowned in by the melody, but the lyrics made you contemplate. It's a simple pure honesty written in there. The lyricist is really good with words, and it seems that most of their songs is an autobiography. Some of the translator said that Leessang's lyrics were using simple words only that is easy to understood. However, as time goes by, along with their increasing age (both were around their mid 30s this year) the lyrics has varied. Of course, they are an adults now, so many thing to write, lol. One of their hit song called "Turned off the TV" is banned from radio and TV due to the explicit contents, though I can't see what's so explicit in it, it only saying something about getting hard *grins*. Due to this ban, Leessang did not do any promotional event for this song, however it went to have the longest run in #1 to-date on the local charts, it was also reported to earn them quite an income within the first month of release. Another additional points, since they are not only always writing dramatic love songs like what Korean and k-pop widely known to do. Their love songs reportedly to always enters the chart though, winning against the fluffy cutie popular k-pop wave.

I'm glad I met this group.. So many to explore about their music now ^^

LeeSsang - Gary and Gilee 3rd Story

[Gil] Snap out of it, Gary and Gilee, the two “lee’s”
[Gary] When time passes, it all becomes the past (x3)

[Gil] Snap out of it, Gary and Gilee, the two “lee’s” LSG

I’m living a life simliar to the saying “an overnight star”
My innocent and foolish image went on air and became popular
“I want you Kang Gary” I know it’s a joke but I know when I give it to you, you won’t take it – just words
Music, variety TV, restaurant – they are all hits, my life is beautiful like a blooming spring
Just leave it, I’ll pay for it, it’s okay, I deposited 200 million won last month
New York, Bangkok, Europe, I can go anywhere and lay down on the plane
Call out some friends, I’m bored, I’m feeling it tonight, let’s just get a room

Snap out of it, when time passes, it all becomes the past
Snap out of it, when it passes like the wind, it all becomes the past
Just stop for a minute and gather up your scattered heart
Snap out of it, when times pass, it all becomes the past

I have almost 300,000 followers on Twitter
The interest and love toward me isn’t far off from an idol
Even if I post a picture and a short message, it comes up on news sites and the Naver search bar without a doubt
I don’t know, maybe this song will come up too with the article title, “Exaggerating Gary?”
Well anyway, last year was crazy – “I Turned Off The TV” kept it’s number 1 spot for 28 days
I was so busy that I didn’t get to go to all the award ceremonies
The days of bling bling aren’t too far ahead
I need to ride at least a Bentley for people to acknowlege me
I need to be worth at least ten billion won to seem like I have something

This isn’t all of what we wanted
There’s still more of what we want remaining

Snap out of it, when time passes, it all becomes the past
Snap out of it, when it passes like the wind, it all becomes the past
Just stop for a minute and gather up your scattered heart
Snap out of it, when times pass, it all becomes the past

I already told you, life is an up and down of emotions
Everything goes back and forth, this is what I think of the most these days
Snap out of it, let’s push away all the foam that grew and arose
My heart hurts when I hear bad news about the stars of my life ten years ago
Because they seem like my story a long ways ahead
My son would ask, “Hey dad, were you really famous? My friends say they don’t really know you”
With a frustrated heart, I would just go to the town market and get drunk
I still had a lot of hit songs back and was close with so and so back in the days…

Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/leessang-gary-and-gilee-3rd-story-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz2ZgYVLmEV


Kang Gary

Come to think of it, why am I always attracted to the not so good looking guys lately.
You might remember this guy,
admit it, he won't get a good grade on the looks department, but the moment he open his mouth and sing... Hello paradise...

Now recently I've fallen much deeper for this guy..
Kang Gary..

. tumblr_mmujwjkIPj1qgpnmto1_500

He's just a korean rapper/songwriter but most commonly known as Gary from Running man. Might as well known as peaceful Gary, Monday couple's monday boyfriend, or LeeSsang's Gary


Why? His face is coldly categorized as "ugly" on Korean's standard. It is well known that plastic surgery is a common practice in Korea, so you may see too many perfectly shapen man in Korean's entertainment world. But not this guy. A friend once described that you can find his kind of face on every corner of the road in the Republic of South Korea. A look that will be forgetted instantly since it is how most koreans will looks like before their doing any surgery. And he himself proves it alright, most people doesn't recognize him wherever he's on the street, it's as if there's no star aura from him.

I've came to know this guy several years ago from a Korean variety show called Running Man. It is a weekly show which shown it's 7 members facing a various competition located in various locations in Korea. I've originally started it to have a good laugh, since those kind of show is constantly bring me laugh, sometimes into tears by laughing. This guy is not a comedian, he was and still is a rapper, a part of a rap duo called LeeSsang. I've just recently found out that his part in the duo is the lyricist and rapper. LeeSsang's music is nice and haunting, but since I didn't understand any words of it that's all I can presume from just listening the melody. I've never understand why this group is one of South Korea's biggest name in music, sometimes even surpassing those boyband/girlbands.

On the show, he is known for his spectacularly corny lines and his amazing sudden strength. I've always had a good time watching this guy bluntly and all of a sudden saying words that people won't expect and ended up hurting my stomach laughing. I've also always enjoying his attentiveness towards his Monday Couple: the actress Song Ji Hyo. At first his cheesy lines is kinda gross, since he is just that ugly (lol, I do think he is ugly at first) and expressionless. But he soon catches my heart (ceileh..) by his gentlemanly acts and his sudden strength. I've heard rumors before about his strength, how he usually does boxing, and how he's an 8th dan in martial arts (dunno what martial arts up until now and nobody actually believes it since he always gives this unconvincing looks). but I thought it was a joke.

But lately I guess he's been unable to hold it off. On some circumstances you can see how swiftly he moves, how sleek he was, and how powerful he is when he really wanted to. But his timely jokes and that cheesy flirting lines always made people forget that side of him. And he's so expressionless! He was called peaceful Gary for that reason.


The plain Gary, the comedic Gary, becomes Gary the lover, towards the 8th dan Gary. And those jokes he made! It is actually held deep meanings. He just said it in a joking manner, but when you take it seriously those words ... is poetic and sweet...


Who can resists a strong, funny, and gentle man like him? No matter how ugly he is?


................................................  On second thought, I guess I shouldn't have posted this photo...

Let's just take a look on this man instead..


Much better...

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